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5 Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts

Anja Kandic is a Toronto-based product manager and content creator. Throughout the pandemic, her TikTok account (@voyageblog) grew in popularity thanks to her unique Ontario-based date night suggestion videos. She recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart after dating for 10 years, and they plan on getting married in September 2024. She quickly learned that there are a lot of things to keep in mind when planning a wedding. You have to set a date, book a venue, find a caterer, plan out flowers and decor, find a dress, form a wedding party…the list really does feel endless. While slowly chipping away at their wedding to-do list, the first thing Anja decided to do was set up her registry through Amazon Wedding because it was easy to do and something she could quickly cross off her to-do list. While registries used to be primarily dedicated to homeware, they've now grown way beyond that. You can personalize your wish lists with anything from decor and electronics to gift cards, jewellery and board games—and services like Amazon Wedding have made that process even easier given their broad selection. Here’s a roundup of dos and don’ts that Anja has discovered while creating her registry.

DO start as early as possible.

If there’s one thing you can check off your wedding to-do list early on, it’s setting up your registry. It’s not only a plus since it gives you one less thing to worry about, but that extra time is beneficial if you’re inspired to add or remove certain items down the line. “There might be a new product I’d like, or I might notice a gap in my lifestyle later on, so it's easy to just add onto my already-prepared wedding registry,” says Kandic. Some of the first things Anja added to her registry were household items, a vacuum and a practical quilted mattress protector—items they know they’ll get a lot of use out of and that are must-haves. [product id="63655938988ed"] [product id="63655938b6058"]

DON’T limit yourself to a single category.

Think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to pans, decor and cutlery. While those are important items to have as newlyweds, branch out and include other product categories as well. Think home gadgets, workout gear, travel essentials and hobby-related items. These are the items that will turn your house into a home and help you and your spouse-to-be have shared experiences. Anja, for example, has been eyeing a high-tech indoor garden for a while now, and her fiancé has wanted to update his old, hand-me-down golf clubs. They added these items to their Amazon wedding registry. [product id="63655938d54ae"] [product id="63655938f23ec"]
wedding registry

DO pick out pieces at different price points.

It’s crucial to pick out products at a wide range of prices to accommodate your diverse wedding guest list. With that in mind, include a healthy number of options in the higher range (kitchen appliances, furniture and barbeques) and the lower range (decorative pillows, blankets and glassware). On the higher end of their registry, Anja added items like an espresso machine that they know is a splurge item. But for lower-priced items, a pasta roller attachment for her KitchenAid mixer and an outdoor security camera are perfect additions. [product id="636559391c4ab"] [product id="636559393e2b1"] [product id="636559395e6ef"]

DON’T overcomplicate it.

A wedding registry is made to be fun and simple. Thankfully, services like Amazon Wedding have made it even more streamlined. All you have to do is go to amazon.ca/wedding, click “Create Your Registry,” plug in your personal information and start adding your beloved items to your list. It couldn’t be easier. Do you know what else was really easy? Anja’s decision to add an Amazon Echo Show to their registry. [product id="636559397e5e7"]

DO get your partner involved.

There’s a reason it’s called a Wedding. Don’t forget to get your partner involved when picking out your items. Having a collection of gifts you’ll enjoy and benefit from is essential. Plus, it’ll take the decision-making pressure off of you. Anja and her fiancé are stoked to have added luggage and adorable his and her robes to their registry. Both things they can use on their honeymoon (and for future travels!). [product id="636559399edcf"] [product id="63655939b92d4"] Here’s a sneak peek of Anja’s experience building out her own wedding registry on Amazon—and scroll below for more items on her wish list: [youtube-video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WZaZNxF_d0"] [product id="63655939d7274"] [product id="6365593a0933b"] [product id="6365593a2d704"] [product id="6365593a4e63c"] [product id="6365593a6fc51"] Visit Amazon Wedding to learn more or start building your wish list. [cta url="https://www.amazon.ca/wedding/?ref=sjc_2022" align="center"]Learn more[/cta] Prices were accurate when the article was first published.

by Calvin Vuong

By: Calvin Vuong
Title: 5 Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts
Sourced From: weddingbells.ca/planning/amazon-wedding-registry-dos-and-donts/
Published Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2022 14:10:00 +0000