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Elegant and Affordable Wedding Flower Ideas

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A wedding day is a very significant occasion and one that most couples will remember forever. It is a gathering of friends and family together to celebrate the union of two individuals and is a special day for all. 

Unfortunately, weddings can cost tens of thousands of dollars, so people are always looking for ways to save money. One of the best ways to do this is to get some cheap flowers for the wedding. However, flowers being cost-effective doesn’t mean they are bad. In fact, there are many stunning examples of affordable flowers that are still elegant, and this article is going to look at a few of them.


Carnations are among the most affordable plants, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at them. They are incredibly attractive, and their variety of colors make them a very versatile bloom. No matter your wedding colors or preferred decor, carnations can be a great choice.

They are especially good as a substitute for certain flowers like peonies, as they have the same “fluffy” and full look, for a fraction of the price. They can be luxurious, or can be toned down in the right bouquet or arrangement too.



(via: https://pixabay.com/photos/wedding-aisle-flower-arrangement-1846114/)

Of course, this list simply wouldn’t be complete without roses. They are among the most romantic flowers on the planet, and despite what you may think, many types of roses are quite affordable. Roses symbolize love, and bring about positive and romantic thoughts whenever they are looked at.

Red or pink roses are common, whether it is in the bridal bouquet or even as a part of table arrangements. However, if you feel red or pink roses are played out or you want your wedding to have a different vibe, there are several other colors of noses to choose from.

Roses can be in a bouquet on their own, highlight an arrangement, or even be one of the options in a centerpiece. It is a classic and having them at your wedding will likely never go out of style.


An underrated option for weddings that doesn’t have to break the bank is sunflowers. These flowers can work well at any wedding, but are especially great at weddings taking place outside or out in the country.

These flowers are incredibly cheerful and promote positive thoughts in everyone that looks at them. They are bright, eye-catching and perfect for those summer weddings. They can be used on their own, but often shine as the companion flower to others in a bouquet or centerpiece.

Also, there are many great sunflower wedding decorations for the huge fans of this flower, that will pair wonderfully with the flowers themselves. While each stem might be more expensive than some other affordable flowers, the sheer size of sunflowers will mean you will need less of them than you would if you decided to go with other plants. So ultimately, they can be a cost-effective and incredibly joyful flower to have at your wedding.


Another low-cost, yet elegant, option are tulips. They have been popular for years and are a timeless choice for weddings and various other celebrations. These flowers are sure to add some charm to your wedding, and are beloved for their uniqueness, both in terms of their structure and the shape of their bulb.

Tulips look outstanding whether you go with all one color, a mixed-color bouquet or even add them to arrangements with other flowers and plants. Tulips can also be found all-year-round in many cases, so you shouldn’t have troubles securing them if you want them to be a part of your big day.


Orchids have long been one of the most popular flowers for a wedding, but at some point they became less trendy due to how often they were used. But today, they are back in a big way and people have a renewed love for these breathtaking flowers.

Their look and petals are very unique, and there is simply no substitute for a gorgeous orchid. Their sheer elegance makes it easy to see why they have traditionally been so popular for weddings at all different types of venues.

While white orchids are a common choice, there are a near-endless amount of different orchids, so you can ensure you can always find one you love or that fits the decor or style of your wedding.


While often used as a filler, hydrangeas can also be the star of the show when it comes to your wedding. Their shape can surely grab attention and they come in many colors ranging from very soft and muted colors, to bright and boisterous. Also, the fact that hydrangeas feature a rather large flower head, you will generally need fewer to ensure your bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces appear full.

However, while beautiful, you need to be careful with hydrangeas. They are quite delicate and can wilt without warning, so always practice good flower care and cut the stem on an angle before submerging them in water to keep them in great shape.


Another classic choice to ensure your wedding flowers look great without costing a fortune are daisies. There are many different colors of daisies, and also various sizes so you can get creative with how you incorporate them into your wedding. 

They have a similar shape to the sunflower, only are much smaller and come in many colors. But like the sunflower, the shape of the flower and the bright petals instantly bring joy and a smile to the face of those who see them. While many are affordable, likely one of the cheapest to go with are gerbera daisies, which can add a splash of color to any celebration.

In conclusion, any of these elegant and affordable flowers can make a wonderful addition to your big day. Of course, with thousands of types of flowers out there, these aren’t the only ones that are affordable and beautiful, but are indeed some of the most popular.

by Shellie Wilson

By: Shellie Wilson
Title: Elegant and Affordable Wedding Flower Ideas
Sourced From: weddings.craftgossip.com/elegant-and-affordable-wedding-flower-ideas/
Published Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2021 17:00:00 +0000