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5 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting a Wedding Registry

After getting engaged, couples usually find themselves in a blissful, worry-free bubble, which unfortunately can pop quite quickly after they realize what goes into planning a wedding. The list of to-dos can seem endless, but one thing that can be as simple and streamlined as possible is setting up your wedding registry. From home decor and technology to fun activities and honeymoon funds, registries aren’t what they used to be—couples are now able to fully personalize their marital wish lists, and services like Amazon Wedding have made that even easier.

Anja Kandic is a Toronto-based product manager and content creator known for her creative date night suggestions on TikTok under the moniker @VoyageBlog. She recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart after dating for 10 years. With her wedding planning in full swing, one of Kandic’s first tasks is to create her registry on Amazon. “There are so many big things to worry about when wedding planning that I wanted to get the fun, simpler task out of the way early on to lessen the load,” she says. She shares some helpful tips and tricks that she’s learned while setting up her wish list.

Start as soon as possible

When planning a wedding, the long list of tasks and responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially when you’re managing them all yourself—but creating a registry is an easy one to cross off. “There are a million and one things when it comes to planning a wedding, so if you can take some things off your list earlier, the better,” says Kandic. Plus: Starting earlier will also give you the freedom to add or remove items from your registry as you please. You may not realize what you need or don’t need right away. The first two things that Anja added to her list were no-brainers that she’s been hoping to add to their kitchen for some time: A slow cooker and a coffee maker. [product id="634045af0c526"] [product id="63405d9dbde25"]

Use a streamlined service

Give yourself a break and use an all-in-one service like Amazon Wedding to set up your registry. You can add items across different sites to your Amazon registry, meaning everything’s all in one place—including who bought what to make thank you cards a breeze—and with easy returns, you don’t have to worry you won’t end up with something you love. All you have to do is click “Create Your Registry,” plug in your personal information and start adding your beloved items to your list. It couldn’t be easier. “It’s great that they have such a wide variety of brands and categories,” says Kandic. “It’s incredibly user-friendly, which has made the whole process very seamless. It eliminates the need to have 20 different tabs open from 20 different companies to try and pinpoint what you would like.” Some other products Anja’s excited about include a beautiful organic cotton bath towel set and a personalized cutting board. [product id="63405d9ddf239"] [product id="63405d9e0dbde"]
wedding registry

Create a website

When getting the word out about your registry, Anja recommends setting up a website where you can place all your information on one easy-to-share platform. “Setting up a wedding website is definitely something we’ll be leveraging to ensure all our guests can easily get answers to all their wedding-related questions and to easily access our registry,” she says. For sharing, all you have to do is go to your Wedding Registry, go to Menu and select Share Your Wedding Registry. From there, you select how you want to share it. It’s as easy as that. Hot tip: For your sanity’s sake, consider setting up a separate email account for all your wedding planning. This will help keep your wedding-related emails and tasks from clogging up your personal accounts. With their easy-to-use wedding website up and running, Anja and her fiancé are hoping to receive a Le Creuset round French oven from their registry on the big day. [product id="63405d9e2daa8"]

Variety is key

Now, onto the fun part: Picking out your products. Before you start your online shopping frenzy, be sure to dive in with an open mind. Don’t stick to one product category just because it’s the most conventional. Pick out a variety of products to ensure both yourself and your partner’s wants and needs are covered. “It can get overwhelming when you first start going through some of the options, so it’s important to break it down into categories,” says Kandic, adding that she started with “nice-to-have” items that she and her fiancé currently don’t have the budget for, such as a higher-end espresso machine. She then moved into more day-to-day items such as towels or bedding but also was sure to include other non-home-related items to branch out her list, including a beautiful coffee table book and a ceramic table lamp. [product id="63405d9e4d08f"] [product id="6340472a64e7b"] [product id="63405d9e92168"]

Multiple price-points

Along with a variety of items, be sure to have a variety of price points. “Different people may have different means,” says Kandic. “A family member or close friend would also be looking to give you something at a different price point versus a work colleague or acquaintance.” Plus: Certain guests may also prefer purchasing multiple smaller gifts, rather than one bigger item. Be sure that your list will give guests that option. Here’s a sneak peek of Anja’s experience building out her own wedding registry on Amazon—and scroll below for more items on her wish list: [youtube-video url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WZaZNxF_d0"] [product id="63405d9ed0b1b"] [product id="63405d9f0f67b"] [product id="63405d9f5dbe7"] [product id="63405d9f9aff7"] [product id="63405d9fbc96b"] [product id="63405d9fe639e"] [product id="63405da014a7d"] Visit Amazon Wedding to learn more or start building out your own wish list. [cta url="https://www.amazon.ca/wedding/ref=sjc_2022" align="center"]Learn more[/cta] Prices were accurate when the article was first published.

by Calvin Vuong

By: Calvin Vuong
Title: 5 Tips You Need to Know Before Starting a Wedding Registry
Sourced From: weddingbells.ca/planning/amazon-wedding-creating-a-registry/
Published Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2022 14:40:53 +0000