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Style Tips For Brides (And Grooms) Who Wear Glasses

Glasses are an essential accessory that some people simply cannot do without, wedding day or not. If you can’t wear contact lenses, glasses are a non-negotiable -- but which pair do you pick? Spec devotees often struggle with trying to decide between buying a new pair to match their look or going with their signature everyday frames. Recent bride Maryanne Lewell (pictured), who met her husband while they were contestants on Jeopardy!, told us she is an everyday eyeglass wearer and for her wedding day she chose a chic new pair in a subtle teal shade to match her bridesmaids' dresses. We also chatted with Tania Fugulin, creative director of Canadian eyewear experts BonLook, for her thoughts on what works for a chic wedding look as well as some amazing frame choices to consider. What does a bride need to consider when it comes to glasses for her wedding day? “She should definitely wear a pair glasses that reflect her personality. I suggest a clear frame, a metal frame, or a frame with embellishment. You need to see the frame as an accessory so you want something chic but not something that will overpower your beautiful face.” Do you recommend buying new glasses for the day? “Like everything else you pick for your wedding day, the frame should match your personal taste. I would absolutely select a new pair of glasses for your wedding (and make sure your lenses are impeccably cleaned!) This is your day! You will be the focus, so you want to look amazing and impeccable. What are some fun frame options on your radar for wedding day glasses? “I love the look of a daring cat eye if that’s your style. I love the look of modern frames in different finishes like rose gold and translucent shades.” What about eyewear options for grooms? “I would go with a timeless look, definitely a pair of frames that has a chic edge. We have some amazing new frames in our titanium collection that are perfect as they feature a mix of refinement, classic style and durability.”

by Alison McGill

By: Alison McGill
Title: Style Tips For Brides (And Grooms) Who Wear Glasses
Sourced From: weddingbells.ca/fashion-beauty/style-tips-brides-grooms-wear-glasses/
Published Date: Sun, 06 Feb 2022 13:00:20 +0000